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November Update

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

A sustained effort by one of our members (Tony Goryn) liaising directly with the Environment Agency has helped the river to maintain flow this year. He has been monitoring the levels at both of the gauging stations (Wilbraham and Fulbourn) and using this information to feedback to the EA regarding their augmentation pumping from Dungate Farm.

Earlier this year the EA provided the WRPS with data on how much augmentation (in volume - cubic metres) they have provided each year since the Lodes-Granta Scheme began. This water is pumped from the Dungate Farm borehole. The summary is attached below - it's interesting how much this has varied. We have asked for further relevant information to try and assess the impact on the river - such as rainfall and abstraction data.

The WRPS hope to have a formal meeting soon with the EA to discuss how to best sustain the flow in the river.

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